I responded to Andi’s ad when I was looking for administrative help with my business. I had been hospitalized and my business had fallen dormant in my absence. Andi came in and recognized the areas that needed attention, organized a working approach and was instrumental in putting the company back into business. Her experience and expertise saved time and provided a successful approach to bringing in customers, organizing inventory, and shipping products on a timely basis. ?I would highly recommend Andi if you need an assist.
Timing is everything! My husband had been teasing me about getting the house organized, now that our three sons are in college. Andi approached me at a local music event and handed me a business card. When she said her business was organizing - I knew it was fate. In less than two days time, Andi organized the critical areas in the home that were bothering me. I could not believe the before and AFTER! If anyone is looking for a hand to get their life organized, I would suggest you call Andi.
Great organizational skills with a super personality and determination to make my world a better space. ? I totally recommend Andi's services and I'm looking forward to our next date to continue with our huge downsizing task.
I have known Andi for about 15 years, and for a good-sized chunk of that we were colleagues at work. We were both in managerial positions for different departments. We often had to work closely on projects for our employer. I learned early on that Andi had more than just a flair for organization and persistence: it was in her genes. When a project was dropped in her lap, she embraced it and met any challenges head-on. Her new venture, More Time 4U, draws on all her strengths. If your time is important to you, Andi is someone who will make sure you have as much of it as possible to do the things that truly matter to you. Need more time? You need Andi!
I have known Andi for eight years. In that time, I have left my home and pets in her care on three different occasions. My vacations were so much more relaxing knowing my pets (Etta James, Simba, and Sophie) were home being taken care of instead of being boarded. We all know how that can be. Each time I came home – mail on the table, plants watered, and happy pets waiting with wet kisses. Andi is a one-of-a-kind girl, with a great attitude and a desire to take on challenges no matter large or small, while paying attention to detail. Knowing my pets' schedule, vet info, and playtime needs, while providing me with pictures of their fun - all give me peace of mind. Next year I will be adding some additional services for Andi to tackle, so I have more time for me when I get home from vacation. I would highly recommend Andi to anyone – to entrust her with your needs in times when life happens.
Was in need of someone to help me with the mound of baby shower gifts I received and just help me put them all away, make order and find everything a home. Andi was amazing and came to my rescue. What would have been a two-day job for this 9month pregnant gal, was done in a day and it was quite fun working with her. I definitely feel if you are someone who is overwhelmed by your task at hand, or you just need some good old fashioned HELP with life, Andi will be there to save your day.
Review by Anne B. in Clarks Summit, PA Project: One Time Interior House Cleaning Comments: Andi was very professional and a fantastic worker. She started at 9;00 and finished at 1:00pm. She didn't stop and take breaks, she worked until the job was completed. I would highly recommend her. Could not be more pleased with her. Would consider hiring her again. Lovely girl.
Andi is Godsend, very professional,good worker and very satisfied with her work.